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Margaret Webster here. Welcome to BunnyChowOnline.com, pleased to meet you. I hope you enjoy reading my story so far.

To start with I have been a wife, mother and carer for the last 25 years. After being made redundant from my position as a 24 hour mother carer, and do it *aller*, I decided to start my own food business. It was the only thing left I was good at and got me out of bed. We have had numerous dinner parties at home where my friends and guests have complemented me on the superb home cooking. I am a self-tought cook.

Any mother who’s children have grown up and no longer require our constant nurturing will understand. I now needed my own identity. My own achievements and my own life story.

As it happened: During a road trip to my daughter who lives in Manchester four hours away one Friday, with my son we stopped at the services to fill up the car and buy some lunch. About an hour and a half away form our destination with heavy traffic dinner time approaching we hit the M60 “parking lot” traffic jam! Friday night “sad face” So we pull into a services and buy more food have a break and get back on the road. By this time our food bill is as big as our fuel bill!

My son then comments he was still hungry and would love a Bunny Chow! Having spent a lot of my life in South Africa I understood exactly what he meant and thought *Light Bulb* moment! If I could only get Bunny Chow to the public!

So began my journey two and a half years ago. Painfully searching for exactly how I wanted my product to look. After brainstorming with my brother. I began searching for the mould I wanted, easy to hold not too big but enough to be a meal size shape easy to hold. With healthier wholesome fillings I experimented and fed my neighbours to the point of them asking for menu’s 🙂

We now have the Birth of BunnyChowOnline!

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